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42: Interview with Ira Zlotowitz Founder and President of Eastern Union Funding

Ira Zlotowitz, Founder and President of Eastern Union Funding, to me personifies what a Frum Entrepreneur is. With 6 offices and employing more than 100 people (mostly frum yidden right out of Yeshivah) Ira tells us the real secrets to his success, how he handles firing a frum worker who has a family, how at…

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38: Interview with Barry Schwartz Co-Founder & CEO of Rusty Brick

Fantastic interview with Barry Schwartz, co-founder with his twin brother Ronnie of Rusty Brick! Go behind the scenes with what went into developing the ArtScroll Shas App. Learn about some of the 30 Jewish Apps that they created as a service for the community. Have an idea for an App that can benefit the Jewish…

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30: Interview with Yitzchok Saftlas, Author & Founder of Bottom Line Marketing Group

Yitzchok Saftlas is an author, speaker, radio show host and President of Bottom Line Marketing Group, a company he founded that is going into its 24th year of business. In this episode we learn some of the secrets of marketing and business success as well as Yitzchok’s personal story and lessons and advice that will…

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