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22: Interview with Mendel Segal the BBQ Rabbi

Do you love BBQ? Do you love Rabbi’s? Then you will love this episode which is bursting with flavor! Interview with the great Mendel Segal from Kansas City who is taking the Kosher BBQ scene by storm! In this episode we talk about his humbling beginnings in Chicago and what lead him to Kansas City. We talk about his RaBBiQ which are now on shelves in multiple places across the USA and now in the East Coast! We talk about the BBQ Contests which are spreading through the states and about some of the awards he won. A really fun episode, inspiring for everyone especially those that want to see their own products on supermarket shelves.

Name: Mendel Segal

Position: Founder of RaBBiQ BBQ Sauce and Pro BBQ’er


LinkedIn: Mendel on LinkedIn

Twitter: @BBQRabbi

mendel segal



Cheder Lubavitch Day School (Chicago)

Lubavitch Mesivta of Chicago

Yeshiva Gedola of Miami

Yeshiva Gedolah Chabad of Argentina

Chabad of Westwood

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