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20: Interview with Baruch Dovid and Yehuda Greenman from Rimon Realty

Is buying a home in Beit Shemesh a good investment? In this episode we talk with the Greenman brothers who along with Yossi Lasry are the team behind Rimon Realty. We hear the absolutely insane stories behind what brought the Greenman’s from their Native state of Texas to their home now in Eretz Yisroel. Including a near death experience in India that landed Baruch Dovid in a hospital in Egypt and a meeting between the brothers on a glacier in Switzerland that changes both their lives forever. All this and of course the real estate market in Israel and Beit Shemesh in particular, investment opportunities and what is the secret of their real estate success.

Names: Baruch Dovid and Yehuda Greenman

Position: Owner/Brokers at Rimon Realty in Ramat Beit Shemesh


Videos: Check Out Videos of available homes

LinkedIn: Yehuda on LinkedIn

LinkedIn: Baruch Dovid on LinkedIn

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People and Companies Mentioned in this Episode

Yossi Lasry

Yerucham Gelb from Glatt Bite – I love this guy!!

Aish HaTorah

Rabbi Meir Schuster ZT”L

Jeff Seidel

Shalom Webber

84 vw camper van


From Ft. Worth Texas through Central America all the way through South America get to Tierra del Fuego at the end of Argentina get on a boat to Antarctica, get back to Argentina, drive back up South America get back up through Central America Travel with the Grateful Dead for a year selling all the stuff we picked up in South and Central America then drive to the East Coast of America sell the van and buy two tickets on the trans-Siberian rail road and go from Budapest to Beijing over a year traveling through communist Russia.

Bircas Hatorah in the Old City

Quote: “It may take a lifetime to build a good reputation but it could take a moment to lose it.”

Religious Community in Israel has about 8000 Marriages a year! That is 8000 new homes that are needed each year, yet only 2000 are being built each year.

Moshe Kahlon

Israel Land Authority

Rav Lazer Brody



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