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18: Interview with Saul Kaye Pharmacist and Cannabis Entrepreneur

Is Cannabis Kosher? Very spirited interview with Saul Kaye, a licensed pharmacist, entrepreneur and medical cannabis advocate! In our discussion we talk about some of the great projects he is a founder of including SUBS start-up Beit Shemesh CoWorking Space as well as his personal story from becoming a pharmacist in Australia and moving to Israel. We dig into medical cannabis and my story with giving cannabis to my son who suffers from seizures. We talk about the state of cannabis in Israel and if the Gedolim would ever permit marijuana for recreational use.

Name: Saul Kaye

Position: Pharmacist and cannabis advocate and entrepreneur

CoWorking Space Beit Shemesh: SUBS (Start Up Beit Shemesh)

Cannabis Business Conference: Canna-Tech

LinkedIn: Saul on LinkedIn


People & Companies Mentioned In This Episode:

Uri Schechterman

NES Mobile

WeWork (10 Billion Valuation)

Chevrat Chashmal

Clifton Flack

Charlotte’s Web: Charlotte Figi, born October 18, 2006 (age 8), whose story has led to her being described as “the girl who is changing medical marijuana laws across America.”

Dr. Shackelford 

The Stanley Brothers

Dr Raphael Mechoulam

About the author, Nachum

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I have patented four different pieces of technology, worked in video commerce, developed interoperable messaging, and striven for innovation throughout my career.

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Born in Passaic, NJ, I now reside in Bet Shemesh, Israel, where I share my home with my loving wife and our eight children.

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