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14: Interview with Hillel Fuld, New Age Marketing & Personal Branding

Interview with Hillel Fuld, CMO of Zula, blogger, networker and meat lover. In this amazing interview chock full of content you can start using today, Hillel leads us through some of his amazing adventures including interviewing Steve Wozniak and running with him to a safe room when missiles were heading towards Tel-Aviv. We also learn about the importance of self branding, networking, and how to do marketing the right way in 2015.

Name: Hillel Fuld

Position: CMO of Zula

Blog: Tech N’ Marketing

Personal Brand Site:

LinkedIn: Hillel on LinkedIn

Twitter: @hilzfuld

Hillel Fuld



People, Companies & Books Mentioned In This Episode:


TechCrunch Disrupt – Winning the Audience Choice Award

Mike Butcher

Jeff Pulver

Microsoft Ventures


Stewart Butterfield

Andreessen Horowitz – is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm with $4.2 billion under management.



Keren B’Yavneh

Bar Ilan University

Write Point

Paula Stern



Ziv Elul





Aaron Zakowski


Robert Scoble

Guy Kawasaki


Marc Andreessen

VentureBeat Article on the interview with Hillel and Marc

Steve Wozniak

Marissa Mayer

Mark Zuckerberg

Dennis Crowley Co-Founder/CEO of 4Square

Alyssa Milano, Actress

Jeri Ryan from Star Trek

Steve Jobs

Send your CV’s to Hillel at

For the Love of God, Stop Asking Me to Like your Completely Irrelevant Facebook Page

Jared Morgenstern

Kol ha’omer davar beshem omro, mevi ge’ula le’olam. – First person that reads this and tweets to @frumentrepreneur the name of the Rav who said this will get a special shout out and link in a future episode! – UPDATE – Congrats to Avi Zuber who was the first one to get it right and post!

Rav Avraham Rivlin

Gary Vaynerchuk


Jab-Jab-Jab-NEW ART_4


Gary does have a 3rd book out, my mistake! It’s called “The Thank You Economy


hillel fulders

“The greatest level (of charity), above


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About the author, Nachum

For the last 25 years, I have made it my mission to pioneer business ideas and carry them through to their full potential.

I have patented four different pieces of technology, worked in video commerce, developed interoperable messaging, and striven for innovation throughout my career.

Realizing that the future of the economy is in freelancing, I have since turned all my attention to Book like a Boss, a cutting-edge, all-inclusive platform engineered to support entrepreneurs in more than 100 countries – and growing every day.

Born in Passaic, NJ, I now reside in Bet Shemesh, Israel, where I share my home with my loving wife and our eight children.

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