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13: Interview with Meny Hoffman, CEO of PTEX Group

Brilliant interview with Meny Hoffman, CEO of PTEX Group. In this episode we learn about Meny himself and how PTEX Group got started. We learn about the importance of being able to offer many different services for your clients to give them the best quality support and services from one team in all areas as their business grows. We also talk about the LTB Summit; the reasons they started it, the Launch Pad, some of their amazing speakers and more!

Name: Meny Hoffman

Position: CEO of the PTEX Group


LTB Summit:

LinkedIn: Meny on LinkedIn

Twitter: @menyhoffman

meny hoffman


People, Companies & Books Mentioned In This Episode:

Wolf Eisenbach

Joseph Hoffman

Michael Port

Really Gorgeous Website –

Emuna – What ever happened yesterday you have to have Emuna it happened for the good
Bitachon – Is about what happens tomorrow
Hishtadlus – Is about today!

Dave Crenshaw

Avi Singer

John Jantsch

Brian Scudamore – 1-800-Got-Junk

Mark Zuckerberg – Started a social media site

Ezra Firestone

Charlie Harary

Sean Wise

Eliyahu Rosenbloom from FR Conversions

Mark Horowitz

Ramon Ray



built to sell stack


Quote from this Episode: If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

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