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10: Interview with Eytan White, World Record Holder & Wingman

Great interview with a world-record holder and awesome wing chef and wingpreneur (yeah, I just coined that) Eytan White. In this interview you will learn about what the steps were he took to open the first Wing Bar in Israel and the amazing Hashagacha Protis stories along the way. You’ll hear about the World Record he holds with a couple of other people for the largest Shabbos Meal ever to take place! If you are thinking about opening a restaurant (especially in Israel) you will want to listen to this interview.

Name: Eytan White

Website: – great domain name 😉

LinkedIn: Eytan on LinkedIn

Lives In: Tel-Aviv (From New Rochelle, NY)


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People, Companies, Products & Books Mentioned in this Podcast

Amir White

Frum Entrepreneur Episode 2: Interview with Amir White and Mordy Rapp from VideoSparks

The Article in JPOST that my Mother Showed me about the Wing Bar

Lev HaTorah (Eytan was part of the first class)

Rockland Community College

University of Maryland

Touro College

Machal Volunteer Program

White City Shabbat

Successful Crowdfunding Campaign for Largest Shabbat Dinner on Indiegogo

Documented on Guinness World records!

Jay M. Shultz

Hangar 11

Asaf Zamir

Leon Alkelay

Robert Ben Or


1.25 billion chicken wings eaten on Super Bowl Sunday

Anchor Bar – Home of the Original Buffalo Wings

Mordy Rapp


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