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31: Interview with Daniel Gefen from JetVirtual

Imagine working hard for a couple of years starting a business and then earn a full-time income working just a couple of hours a week! It is the dream situation for anyone! In this week’s episode meet Daniel Gefen who has done just that! He started his call center in England just a few short…

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28: Interview with Shimon Pepper Professional Fundraiser

Have you ever raised $15,000,000 in a 10 minute phone call? In this episode we learn all about the business of non-profit fundraising and management. With over 40 years of experience under his belt, Shimon shares with us some of his fantastic stories and teaches what some of the secrets of success in fundraising are.…

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21: Interview with Rabbi Dan Roth from

In this episode we meet Rabbi Dan Roth, founder of His goal is nothing less than translating the entire Torah into the language of today’s generation which is high-quality multimedia productions. Learn about his background and what pushes him to succeed not only at TorahLive but at life itself. Name: Rabbi Dan Roth Position:…

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