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23: Interview with Yossi Chen from Gracian

Follow Yossi Chen’s entrepreneurial story! 9 Years in the IDF as a medic, Learned at Machon Lev studying technology, born in Israel with a family history from Spain, and all this lead to Yossi becoming the premier custom tailor made clothing company in Israel with customers in Europe, America, and Canada. Name: Yossi Chen Position:…

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9: Interview with Yonatan Caras, Co-Founder & CTO of Glide

Awesome interview with Yonatan Caras, Co-Founder & CTO of Glide. Glide is a live video messaging app founded in 2012 that has raised more than $30,000,000, has over 15,000,000 users just in the USA and as of now has had more than 1.2 billion videos messages sent. In this great story we take you through…

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