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25: Interview with Chanan Kaufman, Serial Social Entrepreneur

There are Serial Entrepreneurs and then there are Social Serial Entrepreneurs. GoInspire, Bizrael, Aish NY, Jerusalem Fellowships, and now NextDor are just some of the great organizations that Chanan has been behind. For more than 30 years Chanan Kaufman has been building organizations and programs that have affected the lives of tens of thousands of…

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9: Interview with Yonatan Caras, Co-Founder & CTO of Glide

Awesome interview with Yonatan Caras, Co-Founder & CTO of Glide. Glide is a live video messaging app founded in 2012 that has raised more than $30,000,000, has over 15,000,000 users just in the USA and as of now has had more than 1.2 billion videos messages sent. In this great story we take you through…

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7: Interview with Yosef Davis from

Amazing and inspiring interview with Yosef Davis, the CEO and Executive Director of In this interview we learn exactly how got started, where are they today and what their future goals are. We discuss some of the challenges and some of the amazing success they have had so far. If you have ever…

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