31: Interview with Daniel Gefen from JetVirtual

Imagine working hard for a couple of years starting a business and then earn a full-time income working just a couple of hours a week! It is the dream situation for anyone! In this week’s episode meet Daniel Gefen who has done just that! He started his call center in England just a few short years ago and now he has made Aliyah while working just a few hours a week. He has more time for learning, his family and for even playing tennis. This story will both inspire and entertain! Enjoy!

NAME: Daniel Gefen

WEBSITE: DanielGefen.com

Companies: JetVirtual


LinkedIn: Daniel on LinkedIn

Twitter: iPickBrains

DG for EP 31

People & Companies Named in this Episode

Ohr Somayach

AISH HaTorah

Warner Brothers

Moshe Reichmann

Zoho – Operating System for Business

Traine-Traide – Now called Work Avenue

Gavin Ucko


The E Myth by Michael E. Gerber

Work On Your Business and Not In Your Business!



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About the author, Nachum

Nachum Kligman is the co-founder and CEO of Book Like A Boss software. Nachum is a visionary entrepreneur, brand builder, marketer and business consultant through his company, Ideago LLC.

He has founded or co-founded more than twenty companies and entrepreneurial projects such as Viewbix, ZipUp Inc, NextDor Inc., and others.

He is the only man in history to own a Pizza Store on Rechov Meah Shearim, and he was a two-time Color War winning General at Raninu Day Camp back in the 90’s.

He has consulted hundreds of business owners and non-profit organizations and is also an author, speaker and an amateur photographer. He holds three technology patents for his vision and ideas that resulted in Viewbix Inc. He also has a very successful weekly podcast, “The Frum Entrepreneur,” which is consistently one of the top Jewish podcasts on iTunes.

His biggest aspiration in life is to be a ben Torah and to help his fellow Jews succeed in the business world. He lives with his wife and children in Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel.

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